Desteni Radio # 9 - CHRISTMAS EVE SPECIAL! "A Destonian Night Before Christmas"

Here is a little treat from Joe this Christmas Eve - Enjoy!

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A Destonian Night Before Christmas – An Adaptation by Joe Kou

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when the holiday stress
Left no room for unwinding, not even a rest.
Overtime, shopping, and crippling debt;
All make this season the most difficult yet.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While thoughts of anxiety and fear danced in our heads.
While momma with Prozac and I with a night cap,
Had just settled our bodies for a long overdue nap,

When all of a sudden I awoke with a terror;
I sprang from the bed to find the source of the error.
Away to my wallet I flew like a flash,
Rifling through credit cards and handful of cash.

I sat in the light of a computer screen’s glow
And saw that my bank account had fallen too low.
When what to my fearful eyes did appear,
But a notification that overdue payments are here.

Bold red letters read “Third and Final Notice”
On several the letters that the bank had wrote us.
More rapid than spam these notices came,
And I sank into depression as I read each by name:

“Now, Water! Now, Power! Now Medical Aid!
On, Insurance! On Mortgage! These bills must be paid!”
To the top of the pile! To the top of the drawer!
I’ve paid this, I’ve paid, that, but still I am poorer!

And then, for a moment, I stopped and I breathed.
And gave to myself some much needed release.
As I silenced the thoughts that were spinning around,
I forgave myself in writing, and later in Sound.
And then became clear what once was quite hazy;
I was blaming myself for a world gone quite crazy.

I breathed in to myself, and brought it all back.
To a point where I stand without fear, without lack.
My fears – were not real! These thoughts, how silly!
If we don’t stop it now, well then when will we?

As I asked the question, the answer was clear: 
We can only change the present when we are all HERE.
When we stop ourselves there is no need to remind;
That myself, and everyone, are of a single mankind.
We’re all in this together, from bottom to top.
And all we must do is be willing to stop.

Stop hating the world for who we’ve become.
Stop forgetting that all are Equal and One.
Stop judging! Stop blaming! Stop living in fear!
Stop separating ourselves from what was always right here!

Then no longer will money or stress rule the day
Or occupy our minds and get in the way –
From living a life that is both free and clear
Where all Life is Equal, and Oneness is Here.

So live by the Principles that honor all Life
Oneness and Equality for all, and for all a good night!

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