Desteni Radio # 20 - What is the Point of Desteni?

Many people have come and gone after beginning their process of developing self-honesty and understanding how to better themselves as individuals. People  reach a point where they are satisfied with their personal lives after applying the Desteni tools, and will remain content with that.

But what is the real point of Desteni? Is it about attaining personal satisfaction in your own life, or could it be about something much, much greater if we dare to put aside our self interest and consider what it really means to walk a process until all life is one and equal? #desteni

Have a listen to the following interviews from Bernard Poolman which are referred to in this episode:

The Path of Desteni, and What That Really Entails

The Path of Desteni Part 2 - Demons and Angels

The Path of Desteni Part 3 - Jesus was the frst Demon

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