Desteni Radio - Hot Seat with Joe

In this edition of Desteni Radio, visitors to the Desteni Farm get to ask Joe personal questions about some of his personal stories and experiences here on the farm, working with Desteni, and his process of discovering a moment of real change.

For more details of Joe's experience with discovering physical emotions and working with them, check out the following interviews on where he shares his process -

Quantum Systemization - Physical Emotions - "That Isn't Really Me"
Introducing the concept of "physical emotions" within the body and why it is important to stop pushing away the things we don't like about ourselves and start embracing them instead.

 Quantum Systemization - Practical Tools for Ending the Separation with Self
Introducing the practical step by step process Joe used to work with the concept of physical emotions and how he found a way to connect with himself in a way that he never did before, and how this allowed him to make breakthroughs in his personal process through depression and pain.

The Moment of Change - Back to Basics Part 1
Joe shares his moment of real change, following the process he had been walking with physical emotions and self embracing

The Moment of Change - Back to Basics Part 2
Further explaining why the real moments of change in our lives are not like the way we imagine them to be - a continuation from the previous recording on Joe's real moment of change.

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